Organisation & Strategy

HR strategy

aligning your strategy to reach your organisation’s goals

Having a robust HR strategy in place, one that aligns your people with your organisational goals, is the foundation of business success. There are a set of core HR considerations that need to be in place to achieve this. Spotlight HR are experts in evaluating the best and most deliverable HR strategy, tailored to your organisation’s needs to get you to the results you want.

  • Motivate, incentivise and evaluate your people through regular training and appraisals and to instil culture and values.
  • Install user-friendly HR software and systems and benchmark salaries to be an employer of choice.
  • Develop talent strategies that are future proof.

Organisational design

structuring your business to meet its objectives

Looking at the design and the processes of your organisation and identifying adjustments, both big and small, can have a major positive impact on your business performance. Spotlight HR can identify those internal processes or departmental structures that could work smarter or might be holding you back.

  • Pinpoint the organisational design changes needed to make your business more nimble, agile and profitable.
  • Shape your organisation’s structure so it remains on track to deliver its core objectives and goals.
  • Deploying salary benchmarking and employee surveys, if required.

Restructure and redundancies

planning the way forward strategically

Let’s face it, change is unsettling for many, but in certain scenarios it is essential. If restructuring is required for downsizing or to ensure your organisation runs more efficiently, which in some cases results in redundancies, then having expert advice to guide and support the process is prudent.

  • Spotlight HR provides a strategic evaluation for organisational restructuring, identifying the key areas of competence, improvement and risk.
  • We manage redundancies by following employment law and supporting those individuals affected.
  • Plan positively towards your organisation’s future by setting out the most workable strategy.

Organisational change

restructuring to meet organisational needs

If your organisation is undertaking a major change to its usual running or structure, then many HR areas and their legalities should be reviewed. Spotlight HR works in tandem with organisations throughout major restructures and/or changes to protect and guide our clients towards future success.

  • Introducing and promoting new approaches such as culture and values.
  • Evalutating equality by assessing gender pay and diversity.
  • Ensuring all changes are compliant with employment law.

People management frameworks

engaging your people

Motivating individuals to understand how they can best deliver your organisation’s goals and objectives is the backbone of successful people management frameworks. This area of HR covers how people behave, engage and grow within the workplace and identifies practical ways their performance could be improved or enhanced.

  • Through performance management and appraisal techniques.
  • Offering developmental support and training.
  • Introducing HR information systems (such as BREATHE) to manage day-to-day administration more effectively.