Learning and Development

Leadership & development

ensuring owners and leaders are thinking strategically into the future

Our bespoke leadership development programs make sure decision-makers are skilled and confident and able to keep their organisation sailing on course, with purpose and a shared vision.

  • Bespoke courses for owners and leaders to build their organisations and inspire their people.
  • Courses are available as 1-2-1 mentoring sessions, or in larger groups.
  • Spotlight HR courses strategically light the way for leaders to confidently grow and succeed.

Executive & career coaching

leadership and high potentials development, career crossroads, redundancy support and progression

Helping to improve organisations’ and individuals’ progression into the future, by promoting positive or organic change as it arises and to coach people through their options when workplace issues or career crossroads are reached.

  • Spotlight HR’s executive coaching identifies an individual’s professional goals to enhance their performance and plan how these can be actualised through a tailored learning learning relationship.
  • Our career coaching helps individuals achieve career progression or enter new roles if they have been made redundant.
  • Our approach is always empathetic, positive and realistic.

Engagement & wellbeing programs

for employees at all levels

Your people are what makes your organisation tick, so looking after them and nurturing their mental health and wellbeing is essential. The goal is to provide the best conditions for everyone to give their best – we all know happy, focused people, work more efficiently and stay with employers for the long term.

  • Spotlight HR ensures you have the appropriate wellbeing and mental health approaches in place. We are also experienced in Mental Health First Aid.
  • We create a range of solutions to ensure your employees are engaged and have a strong working relationship with you to give of their best
  • Workforce wellness reduces sickness absences, increases commitment to your organisation and improves performance.

Bespoke learning solutions

tailored to your organisational goals

Face-to-face company-specific training is considered to deliver the best learning experience and outcomes. These courses are tailored to achieve the specific learning results required by your industry or organisation. Suitable for any department or individual and useful for instilling tailored messages and education goals.

  • We analyse the learning needs of your organisation and its individuals, to create a holistic and targeted program, to establish set goals and outcomes.
  • Delivered face-to-face in lively and interactive sessions.
  • Specifically designed for your organisation using real-life, in-job, examples.


for staff development at all levels

There are so many advantages to online learning. These platforms save organisations vast amounts of time and money, whilst delivering engaging and educationally relevant industry courses directly to the people who need them. Skilling up and supporting the development and learning of your staff has never been so easy and has the added benefit of ensuring your employees see you as an employer of choice.

  • Electronically delivered learning for all levels, tailored and specially selected to suit either individual or organisational needs.
  • Deliver your induction programs as e-learning.
  • Both cost-effective and time-efficient, choose from a catalogue of predesigned courses, which can be tailored as required.



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