Employment Law & HR

Employment law compliance

managing day to day HR legalities and processes

HR Compliance is no walk in the park, it is time-consuming and uses complex legal spiel that is constantly changing. But, not keeping on top of it can prove disastrous for organisations, this is why our clients employ our services to keep them protected.

  • Spotlight’s HR audits will ensure your records are compliant with government requirements.
  • Our ongoing employment law advice covers all workplace people matters, including terminations.
  • Our services include record keeping, policies, processes, background checks and due diligence.

Grievance and disciplinary investigation

objective investigations for employee issues

We all want to run happy ships, however, sadly this isn’t always possible. Should workplace disputes arise, it is vital that they are dealt with quickly and that a strict chain of procedures is followed precisely. If you are at all unsure, it is wise to bring in experts.

  • Spotlight HR carries out fully compliant grievance and disciplinary investigations to assess both the validity of any complaint or concern and the liability.
  • We also oversee the appeals process, which may follow grievance or disciplinary action.
  • Getting expert advice resolves ‘people problems’ fairly and quickly.

Staff handbooks & contracts

the HR basics

It is a legal requirement to provide written terms and conditions of employment, (known as a contract of employment,) for each new member of staff within 24hrs of them joining your organisation, this applies to employees, contractors and volunteers alike. Staff handbooks are advisable for all companies with over five employees. These staff handbooks set out the guidelines of their employment and spell out how things will work not only in their day-to-day role but also, importantly, if workplace issues arise. All your documentation must be legally watertight, to protect both sides.

  • Spotlight HR provides the full suite of employment contracts from full-time to zero hours, volunteers to sub-contractors.
  • Our handbooks set out the summary of your individual organisation’s policies and processes – the framework of rules for both sides to follow.
  • Providing robust, legally sound, documentation to keep your organisation and employees orientated and safe.

Resourcing & talent management

attracting and retaining the best candidates to grow your organisation

Recruitment, staff retention, performance monitoring and career progression are the lifeblood of any growing organisation. It is vital not only to maximise the potential of your talent already in situ but also to develop, recruit and expand at pace with your future growth aspirations.

  • Spotlight HR advises on all levels of recruitment strategy including bringing on new talent and developing job descriptions.
  • We analyse and talent manage your existing employees’ performances and their career progression, to promote staff commitment, retention and satisfaction.
  • Succession planning is vital to ensure your key organisational roles have potential replacements coming through the ranks. Spotlight HR helps you guard against the unexpected and protect your future growth.

HR Information System

interactive HR data management software

Spotlight’s robust HR Information System, BREATHE, simplifies and manages all your in-house HR processes and administration securely.

  • Collects and consolidates your organisational and people data in one safe place.
  • Manages workplace documentation, staff training information and records holidays and absences.
  • Interactive and intuitive system that allows different levels of data access.