Business HR Under The Spotlight – Your 3 Minute End Of Year Roundup

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December 2022. By Kimberly Bradshaw (CEO, Spotlight HR.)

Christmas Greetings – From Kimberly and everyone at Spotlight HR

The tinsel is up. The Christmas tree is flashing. The Secret Santa is sorted, and the office Christmas parties are in full swing. So, we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

It has been a pleasure working with so many of you, across what has been, such an interesting year in many ways. Here’s to a safe and prosperous New Year for you, your families, and your employees. Cheers!

This month, here’s a reminder about the Chancellor’s recent Autumn Statement and what this may mean to your business and then a glance into 2023, to see the industry leaders’ predictions for HR priorities for next year.

The Autumn Statement – And what small business owners need to know.

In November, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, finally delivered his Autumn statement. We found this handy breakdown from the CIPD HR-inform that details exactly what you need to know. Covering the pounds and pence around Business Rates, Business Taxes, Employment, Living Wage and Personal Tax – well worth a quick read.

HR Predictions for 2023 – As chosen by 800 HR leaders

For this roundup, we thought it would be interesting to peer into the HR predictions for next year from an HR perspective. I’m no Mystic Meg, so I looked through the latest survey from Gartner, which surveyed 800 HR leaders to discover what their top 5 priorities for 2023 are. I’ve picked out the highlights.

Priority 1: Leader and manager effectiveness

In the top spot, this was flagged by 60% of those asked. They identified how current leadership approaches needed to change, as today’s workplace requires a more “human” leadership approach – which is more empathetic and able to adapt. This may require leaders to address their own emotional and very human barriers – doubt, fear, uncertainty – to succeed. At Spotlight HR, we offer Leadership Training to support this.

Priority 2: Organisational design and change management

With 53% identifying this, it was a Biggy too. The main problem identified here was that employees were becoming fatigued by all the many changes brought about by economic uncertainty and digital transformations of the last few years. It is recognised that leaders need to do more to help employees navigate these changes so they can better manage their work and well-being. Again, if you need help, Organisational Design and Change Management, are part of our key offerings.

Priority 3: Employee experience

47% of HR Leaders placed this as a top priority. This relates to giving employees clear career paths, so they have goals to aspire to. Set out role benefits and what is required of them, and the opportunities for the future. These could include internal roles they can move up to or just setting smaller goals to attain, to keep focus and keep them feeling appreciated and motivated. We specialise in implementing workplace structures to boost your employee experiences. Get in touch for any advice.

Priority 4: Recruiting

According to the Gartner study, 46% of HR leaders cited recruitment being a priority for 2023. They identified an expected increase over the next six months in the competition for talent. It’s a tough market out there, and recruiting the best talent takes strategic planning and implementation. Get in touch if you’d like some pointers on how best to approach this.

Priority 5: Future of work

With 42% of those HR leaders, identifying this, concerned about the lack of any explicit future strategy regarding the “future of work”, which right now is often a remote hybrid workforce setup. The point here is to be proactive and to have a plan that anticipates what may happen next in your business to mitigate disruption and guide your employees.

And that’s it for 2022! Keep warm and have a wonderful festive break! We look forward to catching up with you in 2023!

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