Business Rolling Blackouts – HR advice for small business

Alongside the energy crisis, the National Grid is warning of potential power blackouts, so how can organisations prepare for this?


1:         Communicate – Tell employees about possible blackout impacts and your plans to remedy these.

2:         Flexibility – Offer work-from-home options in blackouts. Extend work deadlines. Avoid mentions of underperformance during this time.

3:         Temperature – There is no UK legal limit to workplace temperatures. 16 degrees is only unofficial.

4:         Charged devices – Keep phones, mobiles and laptops fully charged.

5:         Torches – Keep charged torches on site.

6:         Review HR Policies – Put a ‘short-time working policy’ and robust ‘emergency management’ policies in place.

7:         Master PlanCreate an HR plan that encompasses all the above.

Spotlight HR – keeping your workplace HR bright even if things turn dark.