Employee Health and Wellbeing Managing Mental Wellness – 26th November 2021

More hints and tips for your employees that will help them better manage their mental wellbeing:

  • Be mentally active – Try out crosswords or other games that keep your mind active
  • When you have a down day try some mindfulness and make sure you talk to someone
  • Learn new skills – What about a new language? There are lots of free online courses
  • Give to others – Giving makes us feel better about ourselves
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Keep to any appointments you have and take your medicines regularly
  • Create a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) see https://mentalhealthrecovery.com/wrap-is/
  • Access mental health resources such as: https://www.mindwisenv.org/info-support/treatment-support/recovery/)
  • Make sure you separate work and home spaces as far as possible and keep them separate
  • Separate work and personal devices and equipment as far as possible

For mental wellbeing support for your workers contact:

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