Employee Health and Wellbeing Helping employees help themselves during Covid – 26th October 2021

There are many tips you can use for your workers to enable them to help themselves better to manage their mental wellbeing.  These include:

  • Treat every day like a normal day – get up the same time, structure in chores and exercise, take regular breaks, eat well and keep your workspace clutter free
  • Discuss boundaries with family or flatmates – when it is work time and when it is playtime to minimise interruptions
  • Make time to have drinks/coffees with friends virtually – social and work contact are important in a new world order
  • Watch a movie, a virtual theatre show or museum tour – try something new that will be fun
  • Remember regular exercise is key to mental wellbeing
  • Use mindfulness – if you have anxious thoughts write them down as it can help stop them running around your head
  • At the end of every day think of 3 things that went well irrespective of whether you have had a good day or a bad one

For more advice on how you can improve the mental wellbeing of your workers get in touch with www.spotlighthr.co.uk