Employee Health and Wellbeing Improving Mental Wellness – 25th July 2021

Some more solutions to help improve employee wellbeing for better business performance:

  • Be clear and transparent- Explain your decisions
  • Don’t make false promises
  • Look at how to spot if people have problems at home (e.g., Domestic abuse, Family health problems, Financial issues)
  • Set up regular wellbeing calls with furloughed staff as well as those still working
  • Furlough can lead to reduced staff morale – Think of morale builders
  • Share reputable sources (e.g., Public Health England, World Health Organisation and charities like Samaritans, Mind etc)
  • Get team input on ‘going back to work’ plans as we come out of lockdown

If you’d like to discuss how you can help improve the wellbeing of your workers contact: