Employee Health and Wellbeing Improving Mental Wellbeing – 21st June 2021

Solutions for your workers to improve mental wellbeing aren’t difficult to achieve. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing some hints and tips such as:

  • Encourage disclosure of mental health – Normalise it
  • Train managers/leaders in ‘new ways of working’
  • Ensure the work is satisfying and doesn’t put undue pressure on the person
  • Build employee resilience
  • Introduce a programme for stress management
  • Launch programmes that promote good mental health
  • Train managers to spot stress, anxiety or depression and other mental health issues
  • Put in place resources for supporting employees with mental health issues e.g., referral to occupational health or first aid for mental health
  • Reassure those on furlough leave that this does not mean the end of their job – This is a key worry for employees at the moment. Many think it is a precursor to being made redundant

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