Employee Health and Wellbeing Helping Take Care Of Your Employees – 20th May 2020

Here are a few signs for employers to think about for the wellbeing of their workers

  • Not having a ‘work’ area set up – E.g. trying to work with laptop on the bed
  • Lack of contact – With friends, family or colleagues
  • Manager isn’t a ‘people person’ – It isn’t easy to remotely lead teams and needs new skills in many
  • Guilt – Not feeling stressed enough, enjoying working from home. This is the balance between having to achieve something professional from a place of comfort and rest (home)
  • Social anxiety – Will people think I’m really working?
  • Being more self-conscious about how you come across – Being on a screen is more stressful than being face to face
  • Fear of the future – Will I have to go back sooner than I like?

Remember mental health problems aren’t visible.  For advice and guidance contact: